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2023 recap at Waiu Wetland

In 2023, a total of 9 regular A Rocha working bees went ahead at Waiu Park. These were supplemented by some extra efforts for specific tasks like removing the huge summer grass growth in January. The May and September working bees were cancelled because of rain, and during winter, our

Planting at Makara

In 2020 Joan and Bruce bought a block of land in the Makara Valley with the intention of living a more sustainable lifestyle and of restoring habitat. In November that year about thirty members and friends from A Rocha’s Wellington local group met for their end-of-year gathering at Joan and

Collaborations at Kopua

Reported by Helen Bathurst, A Rocha’s Wellington Local Group. Seven members from A Rocha’s Wellington local group travelled to Kopua Monastery to engage in restoration work this year from 30 March to 2 April. Four members arrived on Thursday evening which enabled them to have a good start on restoration work after

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