Ways to be involved in Eco Church NZ!

24th March 2021

We are looking to expand the Eco Church NZ team by appointing volunteers into support roles across Aotearoa New Zealand. Do you have the passion to help church communities integrate sustainability and care of creation into the life of the church? We’re looking for:

Eco Church NZ Community Catalysts      

This will be a volunteer role but honorarium may be provided in the future if funding is available.

Activities may include:

Eco Church NZ Topic Advisors    

Do you have knowledge and expertise in topics of interest to eco churches?

Topics may include waste, sustainable buildings, green energy, fair trade purchasing, community gardening etc. Please see our Resources by Topic section on the Eco Church NZ website for other topics of interest.

Are you willing to volunteer your knowledge / expertise to eco churches?

Eco Church NZ story writers / photographers / videographers

Do you have the passion to share stories of church communities doing their bit to care for creation to encourage and inspire others?

If any of the above roles appeal to you, please contact us to discuss joining the Eco Church NZ team.

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