Setback at Aranui Bike Fixup project

22nd November 2022

The Aranui Bike Fixup run by Steven Muir in Christchurch faced a bit of a setback in early November. Steven reports:

“Four youth broke into our bike library container and trailer and stole 12 or so bikes that we have used to take local kids on rides, and that Hōhepa and other schools and organisations have borrowed to take kids on outings. We were planning to use these bikes for our rides over summer, but may have to can those plans now. It’s very disappointing, but hopefully we can get some funding to fix up the damage and replace the bikes. Thanks for the offers of help following the break in. If you would like to make a donation that would be much appreciated. The easiest way is to make a transfer to Breezes Road Baptist 02-0863-0161950-000 (please tag it with “bike fixup” in the particulars)”.

For more information about the Aranui Bike Fixup programme, check out their Facebook page.

Setback at Aranui Bike Fixup project 22nd November 2022
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