Projects you can do at home

6th April 2020

Looking for some fun things to do at home with your kids and family ? There are a great number of projects and activities you can contribute to while at home or walking in your neighbourhood!

Check out the New Zealand Bird Atlas, the country’s largest ever citizen science project to map the distribution and abundance of our beautiful birds. There’s even a webinar every Friday during lockdown to learn about the NZ Bird Atlas and e-bird app – the first webinar has been recorded and is available on their Facebook page.

You can also contribute to Penguin Watch – volunteers are needed to help identify the penguins (adults, chicks, eggs) in photographs taken automatically near their colonies.

During the lockdown, iNaturalistNZ #StayiNatHome has received almost 600 observations per day. You can use the iNaturalist app to identify or get help identifying your observations in your backyard or while you exercise locally and add to their count. The current top five observations are:

And of course, you’re welcome to continue trapping in your own backyard or you can start identifying the presence of predators in your backyard using home-made chew cards. Predator Free NZ shares with us what we can and cannot do while we’re at Alert Level 4.

We hope you are able to enjoy getting into some of these projects!


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